Alpine Mitigation, Inc.

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Exterior Systems

When a radon mitigation system is installed on on the exterior of a home or building, the pressurized components of the radon system are located outside while the interior components are under suction. The radon fan is usually installed at knee level opposite of the rim joist. From the fan, the radon vent stack rises above the eave of the home or building. Code states that the vent stack opening must be greater than ten feet from the ground and above the eave. The vent stack opening must also be further than ten feet from a window, door or opening that is not at least two feet below it. The vent stack should rise vertically to exhaust the radon into the atmosphere and prevent re-entrainment.


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Attic Systems

Radon Mitigation Systems installed through the attic space will hide the radon system from view and offer better protection from the freezing and thaw cycle outdoors. In most situations the attic installed radon mitigation system is routed through the garage to the attic space above it. If the garage attic option is unavailable the pipes can, in some cases, be routed through multiple closets or utility chases to rise to the attic space above the home. According to code, the radon fan should always be installed a well ventilated attic space or the exterior of the home.